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Watch This Porsche 964 Get A Proper Rust Repair

This Porsche is getting a new lease on life with a whole lot of rust removal.

You’ll never believe how much work is required to revive this old 964 from what could have been career-ending rust cancer. From the beginning, this car looked relatively clean with just a few bubbles in the paint around the windshield, a common rust area for Porsche’s famed 900 series. Wanting to get some of that cancer cured, the car’s owner took it in for a round of wire-brush-wheel chemotherapy. When the surgeons got in there, it turned out to be much worse than originally thought, and required some serious surgery, including a roof transplant (which they’ll discuss more in the future). Dig in and check this video out. The car looks pretty rough, but it’s since been completely renovated. 

If your own Porsche is starting to exhibit signs of rust, it’s probably a good idea to get it taken care of before it becomes a bigger problem than you really want to deal with. Luckily, our beloved 912E is based in the high deserts of the American west, and doesn’t really see wet or snowy weather. In this case, this 964 lives in the northeast and has had a couple decades of driving in that snowy, salty, humid climate, which is why the rust is as bad as it is here. There are a number of ways to help prevent rust from occurring in the first place, or getting worse, including rust prevention sprays and frequent washes, but it’s an inevitability in that area of the country. Having grown up in Michigan, we’ve even seen some cars begin rusting on dealership lots. 

If you’re particularly sensitive about your Porsche’s rust-free nature, perhaps don’t watch this video, it’ll have you wondering what lurks beneath.