Watch Matt Farah Flog The AMMO Track Prepared Porsche 964

Fresh off an extensive restoration, the AMMO 964 gets tested One Take style.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

Matt drove this same car a few years ago for /Drive on YouTube, but being that Larry just doesn't know when to leave well enough alone, the car is now significantly different than it was back then. While the car still has the same built-up 3.8 liter, the car has completely been restored from basically the ground up. There was a bit of rust in the cowl of the car that ended with Larry completely removing the roof and replacing it with a slicktop sunroof-delete roof panel. Being that the car is a year-round driver for Larry, as well as his track rat, this Carrera 4 has been built up into exactly what he wants out of the thing. 

Even though he'd driven it before, it was far enough removed from recent memory that driving this car was basically a new experience for Matt. You see a few moments when he hammers the throttle that his face lights up, and you know that he's really having fun with this Porsche. Even with all wheel drive, this car is built for the track. It features remote reservoir shocks, big brakes, and custom 17" D90-style wheels. Aside from the decals on the rockers, this car looks relatively stock. We're hesitant to call it a sleeper, but it's close. 

While a 964-generation Carrera 4 wouldn't be our first choice of Porsche for track duty, we understand Larry's reasoning behind the build, and commend him for his continued street use of the car. He even hauls a little tire trailer behind the car for track days; it's adorable. After the spectacular restoration that this car has been through, the way Larry uses this car deserves all the commendation in the world. We certainly wish more Porsche enthusiasts would drive their cars like the AMMO 964 gets driven.