This 964-Based “Safari RS” Just Shut Down The Off Road Porsche Game

Built By Kelly-Moss, This All-Wheel-Drive “Safari RS Version 2.0” Is Nigh Unstoppable

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

Anything worth being done is worth doing to excess. The recent trend of off-road Porsche 911s has been knocked square on its ass by this recently-finished build from Kelly-Moss. While most of the "Safari"-style cars we've seen thus far have been based on rear-wheel-drive SC and Carrera 3.2 models, this beast is an all-wheel-drive 964 Carrera 4 underneath with some serious hardware to increase its off-road-ability. A set of rally tires on a quartet of Braid rally wheels is just the beginning. Toss on a set of wide fender flares for good measure to go with a seriously widened track width, and four beefy gravel flaps, one at each wheel. Need to see a little better? How about ten forward-facing lights to show the path even in the darkest of moonless nights? The big talking points here, however, have to be the giant metal brush guard bumpers on either end of the car with super bright LED lights, tow hooks, and even a winch integrated. This Porsche is ready for some off-the-beaten-trail exploring. 

In a twitter post yesterday, professional racer Mike Hedlund humble-bragged about how great it was going to be to drive this 964, and we agree. We'd love the opportunity to get this clean Martini-liveried monster a little bit dirtier with some off-road shenanigans. 

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