Copter Company Turns a Dead Cat Into a Drone

Flying taxidermy could be the next trend in the drone world! Hopefully, though, it won’t be.

byAndrew Siceloff|
Copter Company Turns a Dead Cat Into a Drone


At DRIVE/Aerial, we believe in recycling—motors from an old build can see new life on your next quad, after all. Mixing and matching parts is part of the hobby, but Copter Company took that a step further by repurposing deceased animals as drones. 

Bart started Copter Company after his cat, Orville, was run over by a car. "I decided to turn it in to a drone, as a tribute to his untimely death," Bart explains in the AJ+ video, below. But Copter Company didn't stop there, going on to give the normally land-locked ostrich a taste in flight, and making a badger submarine that "will excrete a tough jet of a water out of his backside" well past his life span. 

So, it's a bit weird, to say the least (Ed. note: This man is an undeniable genius and no one can argue otherwise), but Bart explains that they get all of their animals through humane means—mostly, the animals used are roadkill. So perhaps it's both a recycling and a street-cleaning effort. Win-win?

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