Jeff Zwart To Race A Porsche 964 In NORRA Mexican 1000 Off Road Race

The Pikes Peak hillclimb winner will be teaming with Cameron Healey and Rothsport Racing for the effort.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

Up until this point, the Porsche Safari style builds that various shops have put together have been primarily for entertainment value, meant to be driven often and in situations a standard Porsche couldn't get out of. This pair, however, are out and out racing cars built to dominate the National Off Road Racing Association's famed Mexican 1000 race. That race is coming up soon, and Rothsport Racing is putting the finishing touches on this gloriously prepared matched set. If you have any doubts about the preparation level of these cars, check out the video above and some of the facebook photos posted below. This car is ready for a Mexican off-road rally. 

The white car will be wrapped in this Desert Flyer livery, and campaigned by Jeff Zwart and Cameron Healey in the "Vintage Production Car" category. 

Rothsport Racing

The red car will be given a Rothsport Racing livery, also for the Vintage Production Cars category for Rothsport team owner Jeff Gamroth and Rothsport car-prep specialist Carl Van Austen. 

Rothsport Racing

Looking at the competition, they are pretty well in with a shout at the class victory if they don't break down. Most of the cars in their class are American Muscle from the 50s and 60s. It's unlikely that they'll be contending for the overall victory, being that there are dedicated desert buggies in this race, but crazier things have happened in desert racing. 

The twin cars are powered by identical 3.6-liter engines with a conservative tune. There is an additional extra large capacity oil cooler with a unique through-the-rear-window air evacuation system. There's a 911R-inspired rear hatch in the window, too. This is an awesome build for that detail alone. 

And in case you're curious, here's what that hatch looks like when it is open. 

You know it's a serious off-road build when the wheels come from BRAID. That's a super high-quality rally-spec wheel built in Spain. No corners cut with this build. 

The racing begins on April 21st and runs through the 27th. You can find more information here on the NORRA website or read Rothsport's full release here. Good luck to the whole team. 

Regardless of the outcome, the cars will be displayed at the 'Luftgekuhlt 4' car show event in Los Angeles on May 7th.