This ANDIAL-Built 600 Horsepower Porsche 964 Turbo Absolutely Rips

A car built around a special engine is a great way to spend your Porsche-money.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

The owner of this car purchased a special one-of-twenty ANDIAL-built turbocharged engine a number of years ago. The engine was allegedly originally built for Porsche legend Jeff Zwart to race at Pikes Peak, which is a spectacular piece of provenance in its own right. The purchase of said engine did not include the car, so Donley Automotive Service needed to source a 964 Turbo for the ANDIAL motor to slot into. With 600 dyno-proven horsepower under the decklid, this is a serious performance Porsche with a seriously cool history and some very rare components. It's probably the real-deal center lock wheels, the hand-crafted one-off ducktail, lack of air-conditioning, and gorgeous Mexico Blue paint that really sell us on this car. 

For those of you not versed in your Porsche history, ANDIAL was effectively the de facto US branch of Porsche Motorsport, building (and re-building) engines for racing teams in SCCA and IMSA competition. The company was started by Arnold Wagner (AN), Dieter Inzenhofer (DI), and Alwin Springer (AL) in 1975 and quickly became known as the go-to for Porsche work, particularly those with turbochargers. They were engine assembly Gods, and it would appear this one was no less spectacular. 

In this Smoking Tire One Take, Matt descends deeper into the ether of Porsche fascination (he's finally bought a 911 of his own, shortly after this was filmed). While he normally schedules several one takes for the same day, this car was given a special dispensation to run a solo day in the canyons, because it has such an interesting story. If you're at all interested in big-power aircooled turbocharged rear-wheel-drive monsters like this 964, then we suggest you click the big play button and check out this awesome video. When you've finished watching, tell us your favorite part of this ludicrous Porsche in the comments below.