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Sporty 2024 Toyota Tacoma Extended-Cab Silhouette Adds Hype for May 19 Debut

Unlike other midsize trucks, it looks like the next-gen Tacoma will still be available as an extended-cab.

We’ve seen almost all there is to see of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, save for maybe the window switches. All jokes aside, the long-teased pickup will finally debut May 19. Toyota released a few more shadowy images of the truck as part of its announcement, and if my glasses are the right prescription, I believe I see a sporty extended-cab model in one of them.

The shot with a grey background shows a truck whose cab is noticeably shorter than the others. There’s little to no chance Toyota will sell a true single-cab Tacoma in the United States, but I’ll take what I can get. It works especially well with the built-in cab spoiler, which looks almost like a backward baseball cap. Then there’s the front air dam that isn’t shown on the off-road models; it does pop up on the four-door profile shot with the red background, though.

Another silhouette gives us a telling look at what’s likely the Tacoma’s Trailhunter trim. It’s focused specifically on overlanding, as you can see by the roof rack and bed rack. It rides a little higher and has a set of tow hooks out back, matching the Trailhunter teaser we saw a few weeks ago.

The final shot is what I assume to be the hybrid Tacoma TRD Pro. It has an athletic stance that’s appropriately tall for a 4×4, and it too has tow hooks on the rear bumper. I can’t glean much else from the black-and-white shot, but fortunately, we don’t have to wait much longer until we learn all there is to know about the next-gen midsizer.

I can assure you that over the next two weeks, the internet will do all it can to pull the covers off the 2024 Tacoma early. Toyota will likewise do all it can to prevent that from happening, but the automaker can at least rest easy knowing it’s already shown us most of the truck, including its clutch pedal. Meanwhile, I’m just ready for the nitty-gritty details like power and towing specs.

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