2024 Toyota Tacoma Officially Has a Trailhunter Overland Trim, Too

This is the clearest view yet of the next-gen Tacoma's front-end, and it looks a lot like a concept Toyota debuted back in 2021.

It’s almost time to see the 2024 Toyota Tacoma in full. That’s the expectation, anyway, since Toyota has released three teasers of the truck in the past two weeks. This time, we see the new mid-size pickup truck’s headlight design as well as a few small details that are specific to the Trailhunter overland trim. All that’s left is to put everything together so we can have a clear look at the entire rig.

Starting up front, the headlights look a lot like those from the electric pickup concept Toyota showed back in December of 2021. The design looks almost unchanged, right down to the black plastic elements directly underneath the lamps. This model has “Trailhunter” inscribed inside, and I’d bet that other premium models like the TRD Pro have trim-specific details like this too.

We can’t see much else aside from an admittedly killer brown paint color, but we can make some educated guesses. Photos of the back of the truck show a black steel ARB bumper as well as a red tow hook—I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same at the front. That would make the Trailhunter especially rugged and durable for driving through thick brush.

Unlike the 2024 Tacoma TRD Pro that Toyota showed us last week, this model has “Tacoma” stamped on the tailgate rather than the trim name. That’s a slight difference, but when you’ve only got a little to go off of, it’s worth pointing out all the small things. And since we can only see the bottom lefthand side of this truck’s tailgate, we have no way of knowing if it’s also a hybrid like the first one the automaker teased. I’d wager that the electrified powerplant will be optional on the Trailhunter and other trims, but the Tacoma has historically offered a budget option as well, so I doubt it will be standard.

We’ll know more when Toyota decides to reveal the Tacoma in full, and until then, I’ll be digging for more details. It’s my job to serve you, the reader, after all. If you’ve got any tips about the next-gen pickup, be sure to drop me a line.

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