This Sleek EV Has a Secret: It’s a Pickup Truck

It looks like an SUV but it sports a fold-down tailgate and retractable rear glass.

byNico DeMattia|
This Sleek EV Has a Secret: It’s a Pickup Truck


German luxury car companies are going to be kicking themselves when they see the new EV from Changan. For years, German brands have been smashing SUVs and coupes together to make sporty-looking mashup vehicles like the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLE Coupe. But they're all put to shame by the new Changan Qiyuan E07, which looks like a coupe SUV but it's also a pickup truck.

It might not look like an SUV but it has a Cybertruck-esque trick up its sleeve. The rear end looks pretty conventional but it's actually a tailgate that folds down and the rear glass can retract into the roof, to reveal a pickup bed. According to Car News China, the Qiyuan E07 will come in both rear and all-wheel drive, thanks to either single or dual-motor configurations. The single-motor version will make 338 horsepower and the dual-motor car will make 590 horsepower, and it has a top speed of 125 mph. There isn't any word on battery size or range, though.

It doesn't look bad, either. Its body shape has a Hyundai Santa Cruz vibe, its front end is simple but handsome thanks to a wide LED light bar, and the glass in the rear tailgate is a nice touch. It doesn't look like a pickup at first glance, it looks more like a funky SUV. And the size and shape of its bed looks more like it's been designed as a glorified grocery-getter, rather than a rugged, utilitarian pickup. However, it should work well for someone who regularly uses their vehicle to carry bikes or camping gear.

The Qiyuan E07 should also come with some pretty advanced autonomous driving tech, as it's said to have Lidar and other cameras for self-driving.

We don't know exactly when the E07 will reach production or how much it will cost but it's cool to see that Changan built a production version of its CD701 concept car from 2023.

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