This Toyota Tacoma Has Driven Nearly A Million Miles

Apparently Toyota pickups are crushing it in reliability this year.

byMax Goldberg|
Toyota News photo

Racking up mileage on your car is a badge of honor. The higher you go, the more distinguished you get and the more your car has proved its worth. Every time you add another 50,000 miles, the bond between you and your car gets stronger.

If that last part about bonding is correct, then the owner of this 2000 Toyota Tacoma with 988,345 miles on the clock is practically married to his truck. Apparently the owner is a courier, and he's racked up the mileage—enough to travel to the moon and back twice—by using the truck for both business and pleasure. 

Some time purchasing the truck, the owner started to rack up some serious miles and people clearly began to take notice. According to reports, the dealership he originally bought it from wanted to buy the truck from him and give him a 2017 Tacoma in exchange, so that they could use the old Tacoma as a showpiece.

The original Reddit post indicated that the owner has taken the offer from the dealership and the 2000 Tacoma has since been retired.

Although the Tacoma is an extremely reliable truck that nearly anyone can take well over 250,000 without blinking, there are plenty of other reliable vehicles. Some of the most notorious ones are the Ford Crown Victoria, Honda Accord, Ford F-250, Chevrolet Suburban, and Jeep Cherokee. But instead of us rattling off a bunch of reliable cars, why don’t you tell us what the most reliable car is in your mind? Have at it.