Toyota To Recall 228,000 Tacomas Due To Differential Defect

This isn't the locking rear diff you were looking for.

For nearly 228,000 owners of 2016 and 2017 model year Toyota Tacomas, this isn’t the locking rear differential that was supposed to come with the truck, as an oil leak in the rear differential has prompted Toyota to issue a recall. Toyota issued a press release about the recall today. 

The oil leak can cause damage to the differential, causing “reduced propulsion” according to the press release. In some cases, the rear diff may completely seize up, which will lead to no propulsion at all. Obviously, having your rear wheels lock up while driving is dangerous. If your vehicle is covered under this recall, please get it checked out.

Toyota will be sending out recall notices to owners starting in mid-June. As is the case in any recall, there will be no cost to the owner for the check-up and any repairs. Toyota will have the trucks inspected for oil leaks in the rear differential. If none are found, they’ll tighten everything up and send you on your way. But if a leak is found, Toyota will make any necessary repairs from a gasket replacement up to throwing on a new rear differential carrier assembly, depending on the extent of the problem. 

Owners can always check the status of their Tacoma by going to, or by visiting the  NHTSA site If you suspect something is wrong with you Tacoma now, you can reach Toyota Customer Service at 1-800-331-4331.

Stay safe and get your Tacoma checked out if you get a notice.