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Half A Million Miles On This F-250 And Zero Speeding Tickets

663,475 miles, to be exact.

People purchase heavy-duty pickups for their robustness and longevity. There are countless stories of three-quarter-ton haulers rolling over well into the hundreds of thousands of miles with relatively few service visits. However, the plot twist in this particular high-mileage tale is unique to most in circulation.

K40 Electronics has been supplying the most advanced radar detection systems in the game for 35 years. You may have heard of their ticket-free guarantee. One of K40 electronics’ long-time customers recently contacted the company looking for recommendations for his new truck, a 2016 Ford F-350. The customer casually mentioned that he had a good run with the K40 dual receiver radar detector and laser defuser in his previous vehicle; a 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty that he purchased brand new. The customer was simply looking for the latest and greatest in his newest rig and hit K40 up first. 

Tony B. from California,

This is where the story gets interesting. After 663,475 miles on the dial, the customer stated that he had only received two speeding tickets in fourteen years and those technically have asterisks attached. The initial infraction occurred the day following the install and was due to technician error and was corrected immediately. The second and final ticket received was when the system had been mistakenly turned off by the customer’s child. With all that in mind, it’s to safe to deduce that for over a half-million miles, the K40 aided the customer in staying ticket-free in his Super Duty. 


This particular story has sparked K40 electronics to establish their new, “High Mileage Club” distinction for those who have been ticket-free for at least 200,000 miles while backed by a K40 system. Here’s to many more, citation-free miles!