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Toyota Tacoma Dismantled in Crash While Fleeing From Sheriff’s Deputy

The speeding pickup struck a cliff, flinging the cab from its frame and setting the engine ablaze.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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With the wealth of internet-famous speeders we have at our disposal, it should be common knowledge now that running from the police usually doesn't end well. Still, that's not enough to stop wrongdoers from doing wrong and initiating pursuits, oftentimes in the worst of places. This Toyota Tacoma driver in Colorado is only the latest in a long line of criminals bitten by their brazen attempts, though they look to be in worse shape than most.

According to the San Miguel County Sheriff's Office, the Tacoma was spotted by a deputy traveling an estimated 100 mph down Highway 145, about a mile west of Placerville. The road passes through multiple town centers, so triple-digit speeds are essentially a death wish. 

After blasting past the on-duty deputy, the male driver allegedly came close to running several vehicles off the road—including the deputy—before crashing violently into the side of a cliff.

San Miguel County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

The Toyota's cab was flung from its frame while the engine caught fire, and the driver was critically injured as a result. You can see the bed laying wrong-side-up on the road, still attached to the frame with the truck's wheels in the air. The engine, meanwhile, broke free from its mounts and landed between the cab and the rest of the pickup.

Following the crash, passersby assisted the deputy in extinguishing the blaze and removing the driver. An ambulance transported them to the top of Dallas Divide where a helicopter transferred them to a nearby hospital.

Modern car safety is a marvel in itself, but when you factor in speeds more suited for a racetrack then a twisty canyon road, it's hard to imagine a situation where that ends well—no matter what you drive.

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