2024 Toyota Tacoma Finally Ditches Rear Drum Brakes for Discs

It's only fitting that with a high-tech hybrid powertrain comes ... four-wheel disc brakes.

It looks like the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be leaps and bounds ahead of the current-gen pickup. We already know it will offer a hybrid powertrain and a specialized Trailhunter overlanding trim, and a teaser Toyota released Tuesday confirms more big news: It’ll have four-wheel disc brakes. It only took this long, huh?

Toyota’s Instagram post shows a next-gen Tacoma TRD Pro slinging gravel with a chunky set of all-terrain tires. The main point is to build hype for the 2024 model’s reveal, but Toyota isn’t naive. Critics have long blasted the Tacoma for its use of archaic rear drum brakes, which most truck manufacturers ditched a decade ago at least. This is the automaker’s response.

The Tacoma was already virtually guaranteed to switch to disc brakes for better performance and safety. Still, hearing it from the horse’s mouth means more before the reveal. This detail seemingly proves that Toyota will take the Tacoma further upmarket than before to catch up with its domestic rivals and capitalize on the swelling market for premium rigs. Here’s hoping those discs will be standard across all trims.

A separate photo in the next slide shows the Tacoma TRD Pro’s front suspension. There’s a set of Fox Racing internal bypass shocks up there, but it’s tough to decipher much else. You can safely bet on the off-road model having strengthened upper and lower control arms, as well as tougher CV axles. I’m excited to see just how far Toyota goes with the mid-sizer.

We shouldn’t have to wait much longer until the 2024 Tacoma is fully revealed. At this point, we’ve already seen the headlight design, tailgate, and bed in full lighting, as well as shadowy silhouettes of the truck’s side profile. You can bet it’ll look like Toyota’s previously revealed concept from 2021 when the sheet is finally pulled off sometime in the coming months.

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