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Buy This 16-Mile 1994 Jaguar XJ220 and Let It Out of Its Cage

Sixteen miles, folks. This car has seen just 16 miles in nearly 30 years.
1994 Jaguar XJ220 with 16 miles

Even in the pantheon of supercars, the Jaguar XJ220 stands head and shoulders above most. It held the record for the fastest production car for several years; an exceptional accomplishment given its compromised development. It is an icon without question, and the sale of one is a special occasion. That goes doubly for the 1994 Jaguar XJ220 for sale in California, which is so fresh it could’ve rolled off the production line today.

Striking by the standards of any era, the XJ220 was conceived as a record-breaker from the start. Its name harkened back to the XK120, but also looked forward to a record-shattering promised top speed of 220 mph with V12 power. By the time the production car was ready though, it had downsized to a twin-turbo V6 that was distantly related to the Cosworth DFV. Its top speed had fallen short too, reaching only 217 mph when observed by Guinness World Records. Even so, that netted Jaguar the record, which it held until the McLaren F1 was uncorked in 1998.

Though lauded for both its performance and refinement, the early-1990s recession meant the XJ220 was a poor seller. Production halted short of its intended 350-car run, at just 281, with at least one example remaining unsold into 1997 according to The Independent. That’s three years after production ended, for what was still the fastest car in the world. That would never (and doesn’t) happen today.

Buying a showroom-fresh XJ220 is still possible though, because that’s the quality of the car being sold by Canepa. XJ220 number 223 was initially delivered to a Swiss collector, who never registered the car and instead put it on display. In 2015 it was sold to another collector, then again in 2016, though it wasn’t relocated due to difficulties importing to the buyer’s country. Instead, it was resold in 2021 to Bruce Canepa, who imported the car to California in its current condition.

With just 16 miles on the clock, that condition may make it the freshest XJ220 in the world. Its Silverstone Green paint is said to be flawless, and the car comes with its owner’s manual, tool kit, first aid kit, parts, and service manuals. Prospective buyers would be well-advised to have its engine refreshed before driving, though. New it may be, but rubber dry rots and gaskets can dry and shrink from lack of use.

Anyone who can afford what’s surely a seven-figure car, though, can afford that extensive service. Assuming they can also afford to drive it and not just keep it as decor, that is.

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