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The World’s Fastest Trash Can Goes 63 MPH, Which Is Plenty Fast

With a little ingenuity and a lot of faith in that bicycle tire, YouTuber Chris Rollins set a new record.
Chris Rollins via YouTube

Humanity’s need for speed knows no bounds. As if that statement required more proof, a science guy named Chris Rollins designed a motorized trash can capable of hitting 63 mph. That’s a new record, to be clear, as it actually had to eclipse the mark of 48 mph set by another go-fast garbage receptacle.

Earth … What a place.

Rollins’ YouTube channel is where he gives a full rundown of the eight-week trash can crash course—emphasis on crash. He nearly broke his neck during his final attempt at Redline Raceway, pushing the machine’s limits a little too far. Who would’ve known that a thrown-together three-wheeler with a bike tire up front was sketchy?

Now, it’s not like Rollins expected his creation to be infallible. He’s totally open about the rushed product being far from perfect; the first version of the project only had a quarter-inch of ground clearance. But he wasn’t after perfection in the first place. He was after speed.

Apparently, a pull-start, 12-horsepower engine is enough to make the magic happen. It’s situated inside the can rather than in front of or behind it, making it extremely compact (and tippy). Rollins sat directly on top of it during his run, an ill-advised but clearly suitable move for going fast on the drag strip.

The only view out of the trash can is through a rectangular hole that Rollins cut beneath the lid. Because of the squatted seating position, he can close the lid, which does as much for safety as a bungee strap seatbelt would. If you think about it, Rollins is taking Lotus founder Colin Chapman‘s advice of simplifying and adding lightness.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even Rollin’s first unorthodox speed record attempt. He previously built a gas-powered Radio Flyer wagon that ran 48 mph at Tulsa Raceway Park. Don’t worry, it had five wheels.

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