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Electric Chrysler 300 Successor Already Shown to Dealers: Report

It could share the same STLA Large platform with its Dodge EV stablemate.

Chrysler is still kicking, whether you’ve heard about it in the past year or not. The Detroit automaker has been nearing the internal combustion finish line, with the Pacifica and a limited-edition 300 sedan as its only models. However, an electric successor for the 300 is reportedly coming, and Mopar Insiders says it was shown to dealers in Las Vegas last month.

Some dealers in attendance claim the next-gen model will look like the teaser shown during Stellantis’s EV Day presentation in 2021. The teaser image (pictured below) only showed the silhouette of a sleek sedan, similar to cars like the Volkswagen ID.7 and BMW i4. So Chrysler could be going for the “four-door coupe” look, as German brands call it. That would be a drastic change from the previous 300, which was famous for being maybe the most literal interpretation of the three-box sedan design.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept, Dodge

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the electric 300 replacement is said to be similar in size to the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept. Considering both will likely be built on the same STLA Large platform, Stellantis could pair it with the Dodge Charger together again, as it has for nearly two decades. The two cars likely won’t look the same, as the aforementioned silhouette doesn’t look like the Charger Daytona SRT Concept, but they could share similar underpinnings.

The electric sedan could also inherit part of its design from the Chrysler Airflow concept, which is more of a large hatchback. Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell told Automotive News during the Airflow’s debut that the brand’s “intention is to redefine products for those segments, and they’re certainly going to be a vast departure from what’s in market today.”

Chrysler could be bringing the Airflow concept to market as a 2025 model, so it’s possible the electric 300 comes a couple of years later.

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