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Chrysler 300 Won’t Die, But It’ll Turn Into an EV in 2026: Report

It will apparently be a twin to an unnamed Dodge sedan that may or may not be the Charger.

According to a report from Australia’s Drive citing “insider info,” the next-generation Chrysler 300 sedan will be out by 2026 and be fully electric. Because, well, why wouldn’t it be?

The publication says development of this electric 300 successor has indeed started and will be a “twin” of another new four-door set to wear a Dodge badge, a model that I’d be willing to bet real money is the next-generation Charger. This new electric Dodge sedan will apparently come around in 2024, two years before the supposed Chrysler e-300. The report goes on to say that both cars will run on an 800-volt architecture and sit on the STLA Large platform. Five hundred miles of range from batteries ranging from 101 to 108 kilowatt-hours are also said to be on the table.

Given the looming electrification mandates and how long the current 300 has been in production, the notion that the successor will be electric is far from surprising. The current-gen Chrysler 300 has been around since 2011, and that model itself is really just a heavily updated version of the LX platform original from 2005. Chrysler coming out with a gas-powered successor this late in the game would be pretty ill-advised on its part considering the industry’s shift towards electric.


If anything, the most surprising part of this whole report is the idea that the Chrysler 300 will be getting a successor at all. Earlier this year, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares said that Chrysler would be “relaunched” with several “gorgeous” new models, one of which is heavily expected to be a production version of the brand’s Airflow concept, a sleek, 400-horsepower, 400-mile hatchback EV. With sedans—big ones, especially—having been out of style among consumers for a while now, we wouldn’t have been surprised if the Chrysler 300 completely went away along with internal combustion. If this new rumor is to be believed, it sounds like there’s still a future for the budget baller icon.

In any case, Chrysler plans to introduce its first production EV by 2025 and have a fully electric lineup by 2028.

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