Lifted Chrysler 300C With a Hemi V8 and AWD Makes a Capable Plow Rig

The big sedan was bought off a Copart lot, and it found its second life as a dedicated snow pusher during Michigan winters.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Mar 3, 2023 10:00 AM
Lifted Chrysler 300C With a Hemi V8 and AWD Makes a Capable Plow Rig
Anthony Prior

Pushing snow is as fun as you make it. When you buy a 2006 Chrysler 300C with a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and all-wheel drive specifically for the job, you're bound to have a lot of fun, yeah? That's what Anthony Prior did, quickly modifying the four-door with a lift kit, big tires, a winch, and more. Now he's got a surprisingly capable plow rig that turns heads and gets the job done, almost always in that order.

Amusingly, the Chrysler isn't even Prior's first car that he's turned into a plow machine. He had a Cadillac sedan affectionately nicknamed the "CTS-YEE" that was a dedicated Gambler 500 build before. That beater is where he got the idea to do himself a favor and put his ATV plow days behind him for something more comfortable during Michigan winters.

Anthony Prior

"I had a UTV plow laying around and the Cadillac had heated seats and heat unlike my four-wheeler, so I originally put the plow on that car," Prior tells me. "That winter I realized that RWD wasn't going to cut it and needed at least AWD. I'm a Mopar guy so I started hunting for a Hemi AWD LX platform car to build into a winter daily/winter plow rig."

As one does.

Prior landed on the Chrysler 300C rather than a Dodge Charger at least partially because it was cheap. He says it was auctioned as a salvaged Copart car because "it was hit in the front but not hard." Shortly after scooping it up from the lot, Prior threw on a new hood, front bumper, and core support to make it a decent driver again. That gave him a better starting point to turn it into a Ram Rebel-adjacent workhorse.

You can see the truck badges on the front passenger door and, indeed, those wheels are factory Ram Rebel rollers. They're shod in 33-inch tires, which require a three-inch lift to clear. Prior found a kit on eBay that included front and rear spacers for the springs and struts, giving it the clearance it needs.

The car's grille has a hole cut in it so Prior could weld up a receiver tube on the crash bar. That's where he mounted the 2,500-pound Harbor Freight Winch. He also fabbed up a plow mount that attaches to the Chrysler's engine cradle for easy installation.

"All in all, it works extremely well," Prior continues. "Last year I plowed most of Milan Dragway's property for our local SCCA Rallycross group for an event that week."

Anthony Prior

So even if the 300C looks goofy to you, it serves its intended purpose and that's pushing powder. What more could you ask for?

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