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This ND Mazda Miata on 30-inch Mud Tires is the Off-Roader We’ve Waited For

You might even be able to buy the kit for your own Miata soon.

A few years back, the team at Paco Motorsports, based in central Kentucky, built an NA Mazda Miata “Offroadster” and it became popular with local enthusiasts. So much so that a client came to Paco and asked if they could do the same but for an ND Miata. While Paco Motorsports doesn’t really build customer cars, this client was insistent. Plus, the Paco team already had a 2017 ND Mazda Miata RF as a development car. So they got to work building this off-road Miata RF on 30-inch mud tires.

The suspension kit was designed first, using modified Koni shocks with longer progressive springs, to provide 8-9-inches of wheel travel at each corner. The entire rear suspension geometry was also changed, giving the off-road Miata a two-inch longer wheelbase. To accommodate the massive 30-inch rear tires and 28-inch front tires, both bumpers were removed and replaced with CAD-designed tubular bumper guards. The customer wanted five-lug wheels, so Paco had to swap out the four-lug hubs for five-lug units.

The fenders were also cut and given steel fender flares, which were then covered in bed liner material. Lastly, the side rocker sliders were also designed in CAD and made from steel tubing.

Hella spotlights rest inside the front tubular steel bumper and Hella LED headlights, with high and low beam, are going to be fitted in the near future. There are some other potential mods coming, such as a trunk rack and a wrap, but the car is mostly done. After it does some promotional rounds, at Barber Motorsports Park and a couple of Miata reunions, the customer will take delivery of their off-road Miata.

The best part of this build, though, is that it could soon become available to any Miata owner who wants it. Mark Rivera of Paco Motorsports told The Drive that they plan on selling the suspension mods for Miata owners. They might also sell the bumpers and rocker sliders as well but that’s not certain just yet. Though, there’s currently no word on how much these parts will cost.

No changes were made to the engine, though. So it still uses Mazda’s naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder, with 155 horsepower. Even with its modest power output, the off-road Mazda Miata looks like a blast and I’m sure Paco Motorsports is going to get quite a few orders once people start seeing it.