Behold Miataland, the World’s Only Mazda Miata-Themed Luxury Resort

Nestled in the Italian countryside between San Marino and Rome lies what’s allegedly the largest private collection of Mazda’s classic roadster.

byJames Gilboy|
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Located in the little-known region of Umbria, Italy, Miataland is home to the world's largest private collection of Mazda MX-5s and the only Mazda Miata-themed luxury resort in the world. Even better, while most car collections are usually "look, don't touch" affairs, the folks at Miataland actually want you to touch the cars. In fact, they'll even let you take them for a drive.

Miataland told The Drive that 40 examples of Mazda's paradigm-changing sports car reside there, from run-of-the-mill base models to rare variants sourced from Europe, North America, and Japan. Stored together in a barn, every imaginable version of the Miata shares the roost with examples modified by third parties, such as a V8-swapped Monster Miata, or one with a body reportedly inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO (which is now illegal in Italy).



Presumably, this collection's owner will want to add one of those yaki-imo-hawking RodoPot MX-5s to his collection, provided there's space alongside their incoming MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition and other classic Mazdas. Multiple RX-7s, an RX-8, and a Familia GT-R are stuffed somewhere on the property, which guests can explore as part of their stay at Miataland, whose accommodations are located in a converted 17th-century farmhouse.



Rather than being numbered, rooms are named after and themed around Mazda MX-5 paint colors, such as Velocity Red, Sunburst Yellow, and Mariner Blue. Car-style keys open doors into rooms furnished with MX-5 art and guests can reportedly clean themselves with somehow Miata-themed toiletries. You know, in case you miss that new Mazda smell. There's a complete library of MX-5 brochures, magazine reviews, and books, and if your travel companion isn't into reading about the ND MX-5's roof design, they can sunbathe by the pool.

For all this novelty and gushing reviews online, Miataland's

rates aren't on the outrageous side; €195 per night (just under $220) nets a suite, and €165 ($185), a cozier room. It's a bed-and-breakfast, too, so you'll wake to Italian catering before dashing out in a loaner MX-5 for your 60 kilometers (37 miles) of free touring each day. If there's a better way to see Italy that doesn't involve spending supercar money, let us know, because we're dying to hear it.

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