New ‘Smart Glass’ Tech Turns Car Windows into Video Screens

Don’t worry—the screens are only on when the car is off.

byEric Brandt|
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Israeli startup Gauzy has developed a whole new level of driving distraction. It’s called "smart glass" and it turns the windows of your car into video displays that can play targeted localized information. 

“This is actually the first time that a car window is no longer just a car window, it's also a full-blown display that can be used for smart messaging,” said Gauzy CEO Eyal Peso of the new technology. 

The setuop is largely like the regular safety glass found in car windows, but bonded with ultra-thin LCDs powered by the electrical system in the car. They look just like regular windows—see-through and all—when the car is running. When the car is parked and turned off, however, they turn into HD television screens

In this application, only the side and rear windows will be smart. The windshield will remain a boring old piece of safety glass.

What exactly would they be used for? Peso said they would display information that “can let passers-by know of nearby attractions, give you a lot of information. It's location-based of course. The car knows where it's at, so it can promote information that is related and relevant to the location.” So, basically, your car will turn into a billboard.

Incidentally, one of the first car brands to get smart glass tech could be Smart. Gauzy says they’re working with Daimler AG to develop a real-life application for this futuristic technology. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this idea, but it's probably the closest we’ve gotten so far to mass production of smart glass.

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