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Get a Load of the Unstoppable Tinger Track S500 Amphibious Vehicle

Ditch the ATV and figure out a way to get your hands on one of these puppies.

The United States may have a few amphibious tracked vehicles, but nothing like the Tinger Track S500. This 68-horsepower four-cylinder, continuously variable transmission amphibious vehicle may be the pinnacle in off-road exploration. The Tinger Track S500 uses 20-inch re-enforced steel tracks to crawl over any surface, from sand to snow and everything in between. Thanks to plenty of ground clearance and advanced suspension, the Tinger is able to easily climb over downed trees and rocks without throwing its occupants off. 

Unlike a conventional tracked vehicle, the Tinger uses comfortable bucket seats for extended travel and safety at higher rates of speed. Thanks to the lightweight and power of the Tinger Track S500, operators can tow objects over relatively soft and loose ground without getting bogged down. The body is made of a low density polyethylene allowing for a low dry weight. The tracks allow for an impressive weight distribution of 0.7 pounds per square inch—three times less than a human.

Unfortunately, the Tinger Track S500 is not currently sold in the U.S….but we have a feeling Tinger’s amazing off-roaders will make their way to the States somehow.