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Watch a Lamborghini Huracan Do Donuts in the Hands of a Pro Stunt Driver

Let the tire smoke take you into the weekend.

It’s that time of the week: Friday, baby.  The time when all we want to do is sit back, browse YouTube, find the best set of car videos, and relax as we watch and let them carry us into the weekend. Today, we’ve selected a recent clip from Hoonigan that shows a stealthy-looking Lamborghini Huracan getting sideways in their California parking lot. 

The video, uploaded Thursday, is one of Hoonigan’s “Daily Transmissions” videos. The clip is a “build break down” of professional stunt driver Samuel Hübinette’s 2016 rear-wheel-drive Huracan

In the video, Hübinette explains that the car has been outfitted with a Vorsteiner carbon fiber aero kit, an aftermarket lightweight exhaust, Nitto tires, a hydraulic e-brake, and a new custom-fitted floor mat to make room for that new handbrake. Other than those mostly-appearance-based mods, the car is pretty much stock. 

“The whole was purpose was to get attention for my wife,” Hubinette said in the video. “She’s such a great driver and I wanted to make sure people saw that.”

Also, if you watched the whole video, you might’ve noticed some sort of kart drifting competition going on in there. We’ll just consider that to be a bonus.