Watch Ryan Hardwick Talk About What It Took for Him to Become a Lamborghini Racing Driver

Ryan Hardwick sits down with VINwiki to talk about how he went from off-road motorcycle racer to Lamborghini racing driver.

Lamborghini News photo

YouTube channel VINwiki has been compiling interesting stories from car enthusiasts allowing them to hop on camera and tell their story. Today, Ryan Hardwick sat with VINwiki to tell his story of how he went from an off-road motorcycle racer to racing in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series and beyond.  

In the video, Hardwick gives the background on his race career. He started off-road motorcycle racing at an early age then transitioned into jet ski racing after multiple injuries, surgeries, and he liked the atmosphere better at jet ski racing. In jet ski racing he won his first race in the beginner class and continued through High School and College winning amateur nationals and eventually turned professional beginning to earn money racing instead of spending it.

Knowing he always wanted to get into car racing he put some of that money he was earning to good use and purchased his first race car, a Porsche GT4 Clubsport based on the Cayman GT4. Beyond racecars, he has an extensive list of street cars previously owning Lamborghini Aventadors, Huracans, a few Ferraris, even a Porsche 918 Spyder. 

His family has roots in car racing. His mom grew up around NASCAR because his grandfather was a mechanic on a NASCAR team. Hardwick got his first taste of the track at a track day at Road Atlanta with professional driver Leh Keen. You may remember Keen when he made an appearance in this past season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports to help Matt Farah, Chris Harris, and Mike Spinelli go racing in the ChumpCar VIR24. He learned fast that he knew nothing about track driving. "What you can do in a street car does not translate into a [racecar]" said Hardwick. 

He stuck with learning to drive at the track and eventually learned through a local Lamborghini dealer about the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series. Hardwick set personal and financial goals to race in the series and eventually did and has been successful. He now races Lamborghinis in both the Super Trofeo series and the Pirelli World Challenge series. 

Check out VINwiki's "What does it take to become a Lamborghini racing driver?" video below to get more details on Ryan Hardwick's route to being a race car driver.