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2024 Toyota Tacoma Gets JBL Sound System With Nifty Removable Speaker

Pop the speaker out and rock some party tunes at your campsite with the Tacoma's new feature.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck is just around the corner, with the automaker dishing out plenty of exciting hints about what’s to come. The latest concerns the audio system, with Toyota promising a system that’s ready to bring the music to your campsite.

Just like much of the rest of the Toyota range, the new Tacoma is set to receive an infotainment system with audio handled by JBL. By and large, we know what to expect—a system with a gaggle of speakers around the cabin to provide plenty of volume and nice, clear sound. As a bonus though, it will include the JBL Flex portable speaker in the center of the dash. It’s removable, so you can carry it outside the car to keep the party going when you get to your destination.

Details are limited at this stage, but it’s easy to infer how it works from the press photos. The center speaker can be popped out of the dash by pressing a large eject button. Presumably, it can be paired over Bluetooth in much the same way as the car’s main infotainment system. It’s likely recharged by simply popping it back into its home in the middle of the dashboard.

JBL and Toyota have a long and storied history. The two companies have worked together for decades, with JBL’s premium sound system debuting in the 1998 Camry. It’s a common theme for automakers, which often work with big-name companies in the hi-fi space. For example, BMW links up with Harmon Kardon, while Nissan and Chevrolet like to work with Bose.

We’re seeing more creative car audio systems these days, as automakers vie for a real point of difference in a market full of sophisticated tech. Party-ready systems are a particular focus. Given that vehicles today are sold as lifestyle products first and transport second, it’s no surprise.

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In any case, as an avid tailgater myself, I’m eager to see Toyota bringing the fun in a real and practical way. Whether you want to listen to some music on a hike, to the detriment of everyone else, or if you want to dance it up at the campsite, the Tacoma’s portable speaker looks like a great way to do just that.

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