Sorry, 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Orders Are Closed Now Due to Demand

The funky Mustang-named electric crossover is a hit.
via Ford

If you’re one of the many folks who wanted to get their hands on a 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E this year, I’ve got some bad news for you: the order books are closed.

Ford has stopped taking orders for brand new Mach-E ‘Stangs this week, noting “unprecedented demand” for its electric crossover. This follows March’s closure of orders for the Mach-E Premium and Mach-E California Route 1, totally shutting off buyers from procuring the EV until next year. Besides strong demand, the Blue Oval didn’t offer more specifics, though it’s likely not because it doesn’t want to sell more vehicles and grow its bottom line, but because of production capacity and supply chain limitations.

“Due to unprecedented demand, retail order banks are closed for the MY22 (Model Year 2022) in the U.S.,” said a Ford spokesperson in a statement to the Detroit Free Press. “We will continue to sell the limited number of units remaining from dealer stock. We will communicate MY23 (Model Year 2023) ordering details as soon as available.”

In 2021, Ford sold 27,140 units of the Mach-E in the U.S. and 15,602 in Europe. Its total production capacity was said to be around 50,000 units annually, though that number is being ramped up. CEO Jim Farley said that Ford was looking to triple its production capacity and reach 200,000 units of output annually by 2023.

Ford says that it sold 6,734 units of the Mach-E in the U.S. during Q1 2022. It’s unclear if Ford’s simply at production capacity for the Mach-E, if there is a pause in production to continue ramping up its production line, or if the automaker is unable to meet output demand based on parts shortages that have been running rampant across the industry for more than a year.

Buyers expecting to get a 2022 Mach-E are limited to whatever will be on dealer lots, based on the statement from the Ford spokesperson. Typically, an automaker will begin selling the next model year in late Q3 of a calendar year, and Ford will be doing the same. In fact, deliveries of the 2023 Mach-E won’t begin until early next year, according to Ford, which means that excited Mach-E buyers will have quite some time to wait unless they’re willing to pay a dealer premium. But hey, who isn’t these days?

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