Ford Confirms 150,000 Bronco Reservations in Just 18 Days

Not all of them may turn into sales, but it’s definitely a good sign.

byChris Teague|
Ford News photo

Ford Motor Company debuted its long-awaited Bronco SUV earlier this month to great fanfare. The virtual rollout was unprecedented and all indications since then have pointed to healthy demand for the new vehicle, but now we know just how healthy it is. Ford confirmed to The Drive Friday that it has received over 150,000 customer reservations for the new off-roader. At $100 a pop, that's $15 million in reservation funds thus far.

We knew that the Bronco was popular, as the First Edition model has sold out twice now, but now we know how many vehicles have been reserved overall—or at least have a pretty darn good idea. While that all may sound like a good deal for Ford, it’s important to remember that those deposits don’t represent actual orders. A lot can happen between now and December, when actual orders are expected to begin. Also, deposits are fully refundable at any time. 


Both the two- and four-door Bronco models will be built at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant and the Bronco Sport will be built in Mexico. Ford's big focus now is trying to determine exactly how many of those deposits will convert to actual orders when the time comes, as it will help it make staffing decisions at each factory to meet the demand.

Ford has previously confirmed that it will focus on building the pre-ordered Broncos before starting general production, so it's unlikely that there will be a herd of SUVs sitting at your local dealer until at least 2022. Several Bronco trim levels are still available to reserve, in both body styles, so your best bet to get ahold of one will be to put down a reservation. 

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