2021 Ford Bronco SEMA Builds Show the Buildout Potential of Ford’s Jeep Fighter

SEMA is a state of mind, and the Bronco is tailor made for it.

The SEMA show is virtual this year, so don’t bother getting any cash together to blow in Vegas. Instead, just sit down in front of your computer at home as you have been for the past eight months, and watch as automakers and others show off their extensive aftermarket offerings with a bunch of project vehicles throughout November. On Wednesday, Ford previewed several of its would-be SEMA concepts ahead of a full reveal on Thursday, and they actually look pretty interesting.

There are custom versions of the 2021 F-150, Bronco and Bronco Sport, a Ranger Tremor with some extra bolt-ons, plus a few Mach-E SUVs, one of which is the seven-motor Mustang Mach-E 1400. We’ve seen a few of these cars before, but the concept imagery Ford released for the ones we haven’t seen gets us excited to witness them get off the drawing board.

The first concept, the Bronco Badlands Sasquatch 2-Door, is intended to be a sort of work-play combo. It’s designed to be transformed from a regular Bronco Badlands during the week into a hardcore off-road machine on the weekends, thanks to swappable fenders and doors that aren’t really doors. These “stepover” doors are intended to be a throwback to the original Bronco U13 Roadster model. Also onboard is a number of 3D-printed titanium parts which are said to enhance strength while stripping weight.

The SEMA show has always been known for its ludicrous Jeep Wrangler builds, so the next few years should be interesting.

The F-150 concept vehicle was done by BDS Suspension and is based upon the Ford F-150 Limited Hybrid SuperCrew. It’s very similar in concept to the Bronco, with a sort of work-hard, play-hard vibe. The concept is meant to take advantage of the F150 Hybrid’s Pro Power Onboard mobile power generator, allowing for tools to be used during the week, while toys can be powered on the weekends. We’re assuming it will have products from BDS Suspension, although the exact details of the vehicle’s changes were not specified. Bigger wheels and tires are to be expected, per the renderings.

The third concept is a Ford Ranger Tremor with a few goodies outfitted by Ford’s vehicle personalization team. Again, Ford only teased details, but the added snorkel and rear accessory rack are easy changes to spot. Other than that, the vehicle appears to be mostly-stock Ranger Tremor.

The final concept we haven’t seen before is the “MAD Bronco Sport Badlands.” Ford teamed up with MAD Industries to build the project, a company with a long history of producing modified Ford concept vehicles like the Bronco Sport Badlands. On the face of it, it looks like new wheels and tires are in order along with a few other minor accessories, including a roof rack and a light bar.

And if it seems like the details of these builds are a little light, it’s because Ford is holding off giving away too much until the virtual reveals of the vehicles tomorrow. That will happen at 8PM EST, so set a reminder. You can watch the reveal on YouTube at this link.

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