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Ferrari Reveals the Truth About Rumored Kardashian, Bieber Ban

Rumors of outright bans for various celebrities have been greatly exaggerated.
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Most brands love to have big-name celebrity customers. Having these public figures photographed with a company’s product can do great things for sales and the prestige appearance of a brand. However, Ferrari is a little discerning as to how its products are seen and perceived. This has led to rumors that the company has blacklisted names like Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber, though the truth is more complex, reveals Spanish newspaper Marca.

Now and then, various outlets have published so-called “lists” of celebrities that have been banned by Ferrari from purchasing its vehicles. One recent such list shared by Zyri called out names like Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent as having been blacklisted by the Italian automaker, as well as Kim Kardashian and famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber.
Bieber famously had his originally-white Ferrari 458 customized by West Coast Customs.

The reasons typically cited for such bans are a perceived lack of respect for the Italian stable’s fine automobiles. Artists like Bieber have been known to drive Ferraris with heavy aesthetic modifications that supposedly go against the company’s wishes. It’s easy to believe, after all: EDM artist Deadmau5 famously got a cease and desist for his Nyan Cat-themed “Purrari” build. Outside of mods, driving badly or poorly presenting the company’s vehicles in public is often said to be a way to get on Ferrari’s bad side.

However, speaking to Marca, the Italian automaker clarified the truth of the situation. The company doesn’t outright blacklist individuals from buying its vehicles. Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, or just about anyone else featured on these lists would be more than capable of going into any Ferrari dealership and picking something out tomorrow.

In fact, even if the company did want to blacklist these celebrities, doing so would be inordinately difficult. Cars could simply be purchased through a business, put in assistant’s names, or even simply bought off the near-new used market.

The reality is that it’s only when it comes to Ferrari’s special-edition vehicles that it becomes difficult for the riff-raff to get their hands on a set of keys. These cars, like the La Ferrari or the Enzo before it, have always been produced in limited numbers with first option always given to select customers.

In fact, it’s rumored there is a series of rules that owners must live by in order to get access to the finest vehicles coming out of Maranello. According to a list compiled by AutoEvolution, one must own several regular Ferraris, and precisely zero Lamborghinis. Limited-edition vehicles mustn’t be solved without Ferrari’s say so, either, and the company takes a dim view of anyone that speaks out publically against its product.

Given members of the Kardashian clan are well-known for wrapping SUVs in hideous fabrics, from white fuzz to black velour, Ferrari’s stance is perhaps understandable. Just imagine how the purists would baulk at seeing a LaFerrari Aperta bedecked in yellow fur and sporting eyelashes, after all.

“Ferrari reserves the right to decide on special editions,” the brand said in a statement to Marca, highlighting its guarded attitude towards these models. While the likes of Kardashian and Beiber may not get their hands on the finest, most exclusive Ferrari product, they’re more than welcome to purchase from series production like any other pleb.

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