Justin Bieber’s New Ferrari Got Him Fined in LA

What do you mean? Asked a sad boy from the seat of his blue ‘Rari.

byBen Keeshin|
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It is too soon to say “Sorry?”

A baby-faced popstar’s beat—so to speak—just skipped, as Los Angeles police pulled over Justin Bieber for driving recklessly in his new, Ferrari 458 Italia. To those who have been following the Bieb’s months-long winning streak—three of his latest singles, “Sorry,” “Love Yourself” and “What Do You Mean?,” are on Billboard’s Top 10—but if you recollect his recent history of underage drinking, street racing and general brattiness, the news seems surprising but inevitable.

That musical success had been undergirding a well-run PR campaign meant to convince the country that Justin Bieber was contrite about past misdeeds and excited once again to focus on his music, not scandal. Things were going smoothly until West Coast Customs delivered Bieber’s brand-new Ferrari 458 Italia, a car so sexy and fast it might as well be named Temptation to Sin.

Like any high school loser with a new-to-him Chevy Cavalier, Justin Bieber took his new whip straight to the mall to show off. Because he is Justin Bieber, that mall is The Grove, Los Angeles’ premier high-end outlet shopping and celebrity-sighting consumer compound. Reportedly delighted by the attention, Justin left in joy and, unfortunately, haste. After making an illegal left turn and punching the Italian coupe’s 570-horsepower V8, he was promptly pulled over by the LAPD and cited.

While a sub-$100 citation is rolling-paper money to a guy with three Top-10 hits, the incident’s ultimate fine may be issued from the Bank of Public Opinion, whose coffers are notoriously difficult to pad.

The inevitable Instagram mea culpa, here:

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