Watch Ferrari’s Comprehensive 70th Anniversary Exhibition

Hypercars, various F1 cars, endurance prototypes, track toys... oh my.

Ferrari is one of the automotive world’s proudest, most storied marques. Since day one, the Italian automaker has put out a constant stream of quintessential car smut, for both road and racetrack, and you can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s red. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the company’s first road car this year, Ferrari reserved Mugello Circuit for a demonstration and parade of its automotive and racing heritage. If there’s any one car company capable of putting on a show not to be missed, it’s Ferrari.

Finali Mondialo 2017 was the chosen venue for Ferrari to formally unveil its FXX-K Evoluzione track-only hypercar, and its parade was kicked off with a skydiver, with a Ferrari flag in tow. The track was then stormed by a tremendous variety of Ferrari’s finest creations, past and present. Only the most diehard of Tifosi could never hope to name each and every last car exhibited, but plenty are easily identified, due to either historic prominence, or recent manufacture.

Sports cars marked the least exotic of the vehicles fielded. The 458 GT2 and GT3 were accompanied by 488 GTE cars, the 575 GT1, F40 LM, and F430 GTC. A Ferrari IMSA prototype, the wailing 333 SP, appeared afterward, its 4.0-liter V12 echoing across the circuit’s grounds.

They were followed by more exotic racers, in the form of several of the Corse Clienti program’s available Formula 1 cars. The 312T2 was the only one of these cars not from the last 15 years, dating from 1976. Three F60s, the team’s 2009 car, were driven by a trio of professional racing drivers. Grand Prix winner Giancarlo Fisichella, current Formula 1 test driver Davide Rigon, and endurance racing champion Andrea Bertolini represented in the three F60s, driving in formation around Mugello Circuit for onlookers and press to ogle at alike.

The XX program had its own time in the spotlight, too, with FXXs, FXX-Ks, and 599XXs. Odds are, you haven’t read this many Xs since the last time you saw a Super Bowl commercial.

What are you doing still reading? Watch the video, it’s better than any summary could ever hope to be.