Ferrari Helps the U.S. Air Force Celebrate its 70th Anniversary

Two birthdays and one anniversary made for quite a high-octane celebration.

byChris Constantine|
Ferrari Helps the U.S. Air Force Celebrate its 70th Anniversary


This year has been a big one for anniversaries, especially for those dedicated to the art of speed. Ferrari has already thrown plenty of ragers for its 70th birthday, but now it has even more excuses to keep the party going. This year also marks the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force and a Ferrari club in California helped it celebrate.

AutoWeek reports that the club that runs the Concorso Ferrari car show in Pasadena, California partnered with the USAF to put on the ultimate celebration of speed on Oct. 14. This date was chosen carefully as it's also the 70th anniversary of Chuck Yeager's famous supersonic flight. General Yeager attended the show of course.

The car club brought out a mix of Ferraris and other exotic sports cars to Edwards Air Force Base, including a Jaguar E-Type, a McLaren P1, six Lotus Elises, nine Lamborghinis (including two Muiras), and countless vintage Ferraris.

The automotive turnout was immediately overshadowed by the Air Force's contribution, which included a C-17, F-16, F-35, B-25, B-52, and even a Spitfire Mk IX in attendance. The Friday before the show was dedicated to flyovers (some of which were supersonic) by F-22s, F-35s, F-18s, F-16s, and a B1 Bomber in the skies of the greater Los Angeles area, and it was followed by the Air Force Birthday Ball at Edwards AFB.

This weekend was a treat for SoCal car and plane enthusiasts alike, and one that could be heard and witnessed from the comfort of your own home.