Watch and Listen to More Than 70 Ferraris Celebrating Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary

A great excuse to throw a party with lots of Italian horsepower, right?

byGabriel Loewenberg|
Watch and Listen to More Than 70 Ferraris Celebrating Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary

With Ferrari celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, prancing horse enthusiasts have found a good excuse to throw a party. One such gathering took place on Tuesday over in England.

At least 70 Ferraris were gathered at Capesthorne Hall, a very fancy historic country house south of Manchester, to celebrate 70 years of Ferrari. The gathering was a little heavy on newer Ferraris as the highlight of the day was to be all of the cars leaving the grounds in a parade. I guess if someone in the neighborhood happened to have a Ferrari 250 GTO, driving it to and around a country estate wasn't high on the list of things to do with their garage queen, though it should be.

Thankfully, plenty of people showed up in all manner of Ferraris to make for some very nice eye candy. It looks like there was at least one Enzo on hand, as well as a blue Daytona. Both are always a treat to see in person. The centerpiece display was a black La Ferrari Aperta, which is the limited spider version of the La Ferrari. Oddly, it looks like they kept the top on while it was sitting around being drooled over. That ultimately proved to be a wise decision as rain arrived on scene by the time of the parade. 

via Capesthorne Hall Facebook page

Before the parade got started, the organizers had everyone fire up and rev their engines. Be sure to turn up the volume for this and the parade.

You can see more picture from the event over at the Capesthorne Hall Facebook page.    

Here the parade of prancing horses leaving the grounds, broken into three parts. These were taken by YouTuber MrMogula who did an excellent job of being in the right place at the right time to capture many glorious revving engines as they pulled away.