Watch This Onboard Footage of A Ferrari 250 GTO at Goodwood

The most expensive car in history goes racing.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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 Home to many vintage races featuring wildly collectible cars, the Goodwood yard is a novel for enthusiasts of any era. As they compile championship-style events, a fleet of top-tier autos join together to show off the best in automotive history—however, none are more valuable than the Ferrari 250 GTO. Once sold for $38 million, the Italian fetched more at auction than any other car in history. Now, you can see it in action at this year's Members Meeting racing against other timeless classics.

The first thing you'll notice about the 250 GTO is its driver-centric cabin. With everything in the cockpit facing the pilot, it provides a well-positioned stance for races just like this. A tall, polished gear lever allows access to row the beautiful gated gearbox, a lost art that was once the centerpiece for Ferrari's interiors. A tasteful tachometer finds its home right in the middle of the driver's view, making sure the driver knows where he is in the rev range with ease and clarity.

The second thing is the noise. The GTO's power plant takes one out of the classic Ferrari playbook, or rather, defines it. A small displacement 3.0-liter V212 sings with individual throttle bodies modulating constantly, bellowing out a sound that's second to none, even in comparison to the Jaguar E-Type of the day. Accompanying the engine is the "click-click" of the aforementioned shifter, completing the visceral soundtrack.

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It's pure entertainment to see the 250 GTO race against other period-correct cars—some of them that you'd never expect to see on track again. Thanks to gatherings like the Goodwood Members Meeting, we hope to see sights like this for years to come.

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