The Ferrari FXX-K EVO Hit the Track for the First Time at COTA

Three of Ferrari’s most insane track hypercars were delivered to customers and raced alongside 100 other Ferraris at COTA last weekend.

byChris Constantine|
Ferrari News photo

After its unveiling last October, the Ferrari FXX-K EVO  hypercar had its first real track day last weekend. Ferrari announced that it delivered three of these cars to owners during the Ferrari Racing Days at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, where they were immediately thrashed on the track.

The Ferrari Racing Days at COTA hosted more than 100 Prancing Horses for the North American Ferrari Challenge races as well as practice sessions for XX Programme members and F1 Clienti, but the new FXX-K EVO stole the spotlight. 

Ferrari North America President Matteo Torre presented the cars to the three lucky owners in an official ceremony. The customers were then given an extensive tour of their new toys' abilities, and invited to take to the circuit with a professional instructor to get a feel for the monstrous EVO.


The FXX-K EVO is essentially a new bodykit for the "regular" LaFerrari-based FXX-K, providing 23 percent more downforce. The FXX-K's 1,050-horsepower, hybrid 6.3-liter V12 also gets a nice power bump in EVO form, but Ferrari won't say how much. Customers who already own one of the 40 FXX-Ks produced can have their cars upgraded with the EVO package, but don't even ask how much that costs.

In addition to these new hypercars, COTA's exclusive Ferrari track day featured 10 Formula 1 Ferraris and 21 XX Programme vehicles, including eight 599XX/599XX EVOs and an Enzo-based FXX.

If you want to see some of Ferrari's rarest track-focused cars get used and abused, you can catch the next Ferrari Challenge at Laguna Seca in early May and the XX Programme/F1 Clienti sessions at Road Atlanta in late April.