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Yes, Kim Kardashian Really Covered a Lamborghini Urus With Furry Fabric

The car is completely covered in a thick layer of fuzzy fabric, inside and out. Just don't get it wet.

Customizing cars is a pastime where one’s imagination is the only limit. Matte finishes, color flip vinyl wraps, and lurid neon underglows have all been popular fads at one time or another. Of course, if you do something that makes absolutely no sense, you could be roundly mocked. Kim Kardashian’s new ride might just fall into that latter category, with the entire vehicle covered in a fluffy white fabric

The vehicle under the fluff is a Lamborghini Urus, the Italian automaker’s first SUV. The entire car, inside and out, has been enveloped in white fuzzy fabric akin to that used by Kardashian’s own SKIMS clothing brand. It appears to be a prop for a marketing campaign, with the famous influencer taking part in a photoshoot with the car wearing SKIMS pieces made of matching material. The interior in particular does look rather cozy, though we suspect covering the airbag like that is not a smart move.


Fit and finish is not exactly top notch. The wheel covers in particular appear as if they may have been cut out by kids during Bring Your Child To Work day. The front bar also looks to have been wrapped in a hurry, with little effort made to get the fabric to follow the vehicle’s contours. Indeed, there are precisely zero cutouts to allow air to flow into the engine bay at all.


It’s a cute idea, though there’s several reasons that such a mod might not be suitable for your own car. Roads are dirty, grimy places. Other vehicles kicking up mud, grit and stones will quickly turn the pristine white car a filthy shade of brown. Worse, any puddles or rainfall will soak the fabric covering, making the fluffy car look (and likely smell) like a wet dog. All that absorbed water will add a fair bit of weight, too, and likely get the driver and any passengers quite soggy upon alighting from the vehicle. 


With all the grille inlets covered, it’s unlikely the 5.2L V10 would run for long without overheating in such conditions. There’s also the possibility that any carbon from the exhaust will quickly leave an unsightly black stain on the rear. With the wheels also covered in fabric, brake dust and dirt will shortly spoil the look there as well.

It may not be useful for more than quick fashionable appearances, but the car’s sheer impracticality did a great job of generating publicity for the brand. We’d wager the car will be stripped of its fluffy coat before the month is out, and either driven as stock or sold on in short order. If you insist on an unconventional wrap for your car, leather might be a more suitable option. Just don’t cover up all the vents, and be sure to park undercover, okay?

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