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Ferrari Purosangue SUV Test Mule Spotted in New Spy Video

What looks like an oddly-raised GTC4Lusso is actually hiding the future of Ferrari.

It was a cosmic inevitability: Ferrari, fine purveyor of Italian speed machines, is finally making a crossover. Few details have been revealed other than that it will be called the Ferrari Purosangue, and that Ferrari would really prefer we not call it an SUV. Regardless, a new spy video filmed at the company’s Maranello headquarters has given us the first glimpse of the Purosangue—well, a version of it at least.

Posted on YouTube by SupercarsNews, the brief clip shows what appears to be a strangely-painted GTC4Lusso cruising past an unobscured section of chain-link fence at the Maranello facility. But a closer look reveals a high ride height; take a gander at those gaps between the fenders and wheels. This is plainly some sort of test mule for the Ferrari Purosangue, since the company isn’t cooking up anything else that would warrant such a raised suspension.

The cameraman appears to have been standing in a spot where a line of evergreen trees once stood to keep prying eyes away, evidenced by a tidy row of stumps in the ground. Once the driver of the Purosangue mule realizes he’s being filmed, he quickly reverses out of sight—the briefest of engine revs indicates it’s still got an operatic Ferrari engine under the hood, though electrification is undoubtedly part of the plan.

The final design won’t look anything like this, of course, and we don’t know anything on that front beyond that it will do its damnedest to hide the fact that it’s got four doors. But it’s still our first glimpse of Ferrari’s future.