The Ferrari SUV Rides Pretty Low in Latest Spy Photos

Judging by the lower-slung shape compared to most rival SUVs, Ferrari’s new “FUV” acronym may have some truth in it.

byChris Tsui|
Ferrari News photo

If it feels like we've been seeing spy shots and covert videos of Ferrari's perpetually upcoming "Purosangue" SUV, it's because we have. Well, today we have what is probably our clearest look yet at the more practical Ferrari. That is, as clear a look as one can get while the car still sports a heavy, black disguise. 

Proportionally, it looks pretty much like a slightly lifted GTC4Lusso with four doors or, as our spy photographer put it, "a smaller, lowered, and chopped-up version of the Maserati Levante." Shortly after we first heard that Ferrari was building an SUV way back in 2017, the company caused a whole bunch of eyes to roll when it said the car doesn't actually fit the traditional SUV mold but instead be classified more as a "Ferrari Utility Vehicle" or "FUV." And, seeing it right now, I get where the company was coming from (even if I don't condone the term).


The Purosangue isn't nearly as upright or boxy as would-be competitors like the Lamborghini Urus or Aston Martin DBX. The roofline slopes like a compact hatchback while the hood is as long as a front-engined Ferrari's should be. 

Of course, technical details are still a mystery but our spy shot supplier speculates the presence of at least two powertrain options at launch: one naturally aspirated V12 variant and another probably-electrified version, possibly a plug-in hybrid V8 like the new 296 GTB. According to "insiders," the Purosangue rides on an all-new platform that is said to be compatible with even a full-electric powertrain. 

At this rate, given the looming emissions mandates and how long this car is taking to gestate, the Purosangue kind of has to support electricity. 

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