Arrive in Style in This 1985 BMW 745i Limo

This E23-chassis limousine has a classic style not seen in any modern cars.

Modern limousines (with the exception of “The Beast“) pretty much all look the same. People notice that you’re arriving by the sheer length of your car, but many don’t know a Cadillac from a Lincoln from a Chrysler. Why not show up in something distinctive that people will remember, an exclusive car that’s retro yet hip all at the same time? Platinum Auto Group has just what you need for sale right now: a 1985 BMW 745i turbo limousine.

Platinum Auto Group

Just look at how majestic this car looks on the highway. The older “shark nose” BMWs have a classic look to them that modern pedestrian safety regulations would never allow today. Yet the wheels appear to be from a newer model and are much larger than those that would have come with this car from the factory. This E23-chassis car is “very rare,” says Platinum Auto Group’s Facebook post. “Only 2 white 735 left in Armenia as far as I know. Only [seven] ever been built and this is the only turbo.”

That turbo is attached to BMW’s M106 engine, a 3.4-liter straight-6 producing 248 horsepower. The engine was unique to the 745i. The model number was derived from its equivalent naturally aspirated displacement, which is how a car with a 3.4-liter engine became known as a 745i to differentiate it from the non-turbo 735i available in other parts of the world. Modern turbocharged BMWs have adopted this naming convention as well, which is how we get a BMW 340i with a 3.0-liter engine.

Platinum Auto Group

The interior seems quite well equipped, at least, by 1985 standards. Back seat passengers can watch TV and even play those new-fangled VHS tapes. The rear-facing center seats look a bit plush and may even lack seat belts, but you can just make people you don’t like ride there. Leg and foot room is, of course, enormous.

The car has a clean Michigan title, with the “Cluster showing 85k.” It is not clear if those are miles or kilometers, as this may well be a grey-market import model. The post also says, “Need work. It is not even near perfect. Starts right up and runs. U can drive it home.” No price is listed because the seller has no idea how much to ask for this extremely rare limo that bears a striking resemblance to the one in this video from last year.

Maybe you can talk them down on the price and get a new set of back tires included after showing them this.