First-Ever Ferrari Crossover in the Works, Report Says

Codenamed the F16X, it's rumored to go on sale in 2020.

The end times may not be here just yet, but now we know what stallions the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be mounted upon when they finally roll into town. After years of refusals that they would even consider adding an SUV to their lineup, Ferrari is finally giving in to the demands of the unwashed masses and developing the brand’s first-ever crossover, according to a report in CAR Magazine.

Codenamed the F16X, the crossover allegedly will be built on the same platform as the family-friendly Ferrari GTC4 shooting brake and likely share many of its all-wheel-drive components. As the first official four-door coming off the Maranello factory floor, the F16X will reportedly feature an unusual setup for a car in its class—rear suicide doors and no B-pillar, for “unimpeded access” to the back seats.

Another difference from the GTC4 will be found under the hood. Instead of a range-topping V12 engine, the new crossover will come with either a turbocharged V8…or a hybrid setup. The next-generation GTC4 is set to debut in 2020, and CAR Magazine’s sources point to the same timeline for the F16X, with a starting price of at least $340,000.

All right, so Ferrari’s first foray into the exciting world of high-riding, four-door coupes isn’t exactly pulse-quickening news (unless anger counts), but it’s both an inevitable and necessary move. Though former Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo once vowed that Maranello would never make an SUV, successfully doing so in today’s marketplace will likely bring in buckets of cash, which in turn can be plowed back into the development of amazing machines like the 812 Superfast. And with crossover offerings in the pipeline from rivals like Aston Martin and Lamborghini, Ferrari certainly won’t be alone. 

In reality, the only real reason to be worried about the introduction of the F16X is emissions. Then again, Ferrari’s already preparing for that. Fiat-Chrysler/Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has already stated the company’s intention to push hybrid power across its entire model range by 2019 in an effort to meet those stringent standards. Now it seems clear which car—or rather, crossover—will be leading that charge.