Ferrari’s Likely Hybrid V6 Engine Runs on Gasoline, Electricity, and Purist Tears

“It doesn’t sound like a Ferrari!” is the lighthearted anger-bait we need right now.

byStef Schrader|
Electric Vehicles photo

This eerily quiet test mule turning laps at Ferrari's Fiorano test facility is likely its upcoming hybrid V6 drivetrain, and it sounds like no other Ferrari to date. As in, it doesn't sound like one. It doesn't sound like much at all, to be honest. 

Regular Ferrari spy Simone Masetti caught this video of something very, very quiet lapping the iconic test track: 

While it's impossible to know for sure from a distance what exactly this is, a hybrid V6 Ferrari is in the works as part of a whole suite of V6 engines, Motor1 reports. One of those is supposed to be a low-displacement hybrid V6 derived from the 2.9-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio capable of over 700 horsepower. Between a low-displacement V6, turbos, and a hybrid system—all of the quiet tech you could ever want—this definitely sounds like the car. 

You can tell the difference between this V6 test mule and a V8 running at Maranello in one of Masetti's other videos:

So, this likely V6 hybrid does not sound like a Ferrari usually does. Whether it sounds like a vacuum or a spaceship is your call. Those of you who yearn for the loud as hell antics of the LaFerrari or even the tasteful V8 note of the new plug-in SF90 Stradale are going to be disappointed. 

Those who realize that this is like stealth-mode for an otherwise shouty supercar will no doubt be here for this and its reported 723 horsepower. Fill my coffee maker with your angry tears, as I am tired of hearing about what can and cannot be a Ferrari. 

All we know is that if you slap a prancing horse on it, stans will defend it and YouTube supercar dirtbags will still spin it into a tree. Even if the production version sounds like a silent-but-deadly fart over a couple of futuristic beep-boops, it's still a Ferrari.

Besides, if you want nice noises, why are you wasting your time with anything except the V12

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