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Ferrari ‘Purosangue’ Crossover Could Use Hybrid V6, Twin-Turbo V8, or NA V12: Report

Everything from a traditional V12 to a tiny V6 is on the table for Ferrari's upcoming "FUV."

Ferrari’s chief technical officer Michael Leiters has revealed in an interview that an immense variety of powertrain options are under consideration for Maranello’s upcoming Purosangue SUV or “thoroughbred.”

“We’ve not said there definitely will be V6s or V-12s but we have foreseen it,” Leiters told Autocar. “My job is to give the company an opportunity for models. Then they tell us what they need from a market POV.”

Leiters explained that much of the Purosangue’s final makeup—such as powertrain and seating configuration—will be decided by a process historically uncharacteristic of Ferrari: what its customers want.

“In the function of different customer requirements, do we need space? Six or eight cylinders? A long wheelbase? So we can offer V6, V8, V12, front- or mid-engined, hybrid or not, two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, two-plus-zero, two-plus-two, or four seats; vary the wheelbase a lot. We’re able to manage very easily and have a very low impact doing it.”

Though Leiters’s comment seemingly encompasses both Ferrari product families (mid-engined sports cars and front-engined grand tourers), it provides insight on what configurations could be available to buyers of the Purosangue, as well as which markets could account for much of the model’s demand. 

His acknowledgment of a possible V6 model is important considering that rumors of a new Ferrari V6 have been circling for years, with a recent report outlining the engine as a hybridized 2.9-liter unit, based on that of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, and aimed at the Chinese and European markets. Leiters’s mention of long-wheelbase models also points toward the Purosangue being tailored at least to some degree around China, where long-wheelbase vehicles are seen as status symbols and are thus in abnormally high demand.

Leiters reaffirmed Ferrari’s commitment to naturally aspirated V12s at an event attended by The Drive last week, where the CTO also confirmed that the Purosangue will be revealed before year’s end. Though specifics remain sparse, the model is currently anticipated to be a high-performance four-seater with a radically designed, luxurious interior, whose launch is slated for 2022. 

Based on these reports, as well as our conversations with Ferrari’s team, we believe the Purosangue could adopt design language similar to a high-riding GTC4Lusso. Hopefully, Ferrari satiates our appetite soon.