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Ferrari Is Launching 5 Cars in 2019 That Aren’t Crossovers: Report

They will all either succeed current models or occupy entirely new slots in Ferrari's lineup.

Ferrari’s Vice President of Marketing Enrico Galliera has revealed in an interview that Maranello has five new cars due for launch in 2019.

“Five [new models] will come in 2019, which is probably the biggest effort,” Galliera revealed in an interview with Australia’s WhichCar. “It’s the start of the new generation of product.”

“Some of them are replacing existing product, some of them are not so. Already in 2019 you will see some products that are existing in the product range, and another thing that I can say is that we will nurture both the GT segment and the sports segment.”

First of these five vehicles is the F8 Tributo, a supercar revealed Thursday. It features a 3.9-liter, twin-turbo V8 that makes 710 horsepower, almost identical in specification to the McLaren 720S. Galliera revealed that Ferrari has a new mid-engined sports car platform that will be revealed this year, but did not specify whether this will underpin the approximately 488 GTB-sized F8 Tributo or the other of the two mid-engined sports cars planned for reveal in 2019.

Galliera implies that the three non-sports car models will occupy either the grand touring or ultra-luxury segments of the market.

“We are developing some products that are designed to give the same emotion as a Ferrari,” Galliera continue. “So it is a sports car but with this design that it is more elegant that is more for everyday driving in order to attract those people that maybe are not considering to buy a Ferrari, because they are not willing to have a highly sporty car. So in a way, we are trying to have an offer that is capturing both opportunities.”

Ferrari’s tradition of using V12 engines will be upheld, though the automaker will begin to fold in smaller, entry-level engines for some of its products as well.

“The V12 is part of the heritage of the company,” Galliera stated. “It will remain one of the potential elements that we can use in our model of the future together with the V8 and future with the V6. So the technology we are going to have V12, V8, V6 turbo. Hybrid will give us the possibility to have a platform that we can mix to achieve emissions targets.”

Galliera also denied that the company’s crossover, currently developed under the name Purosangue, or “purebred,” will be among the models revealed this year.

“This is something that we are working to, but is not going to come in the coming two to three years. It’s something more long-term.”