The 5 Raddest Things About Ferrari’s New 986-HP Hybrid SF90 Stradale Supercar

You wanted more Ferrari, so here’s more of the awesome hybrid SF90 Stradale.

byJonathon Klein|
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We’ve just been shown Ferrari’s latest and greatest supercar, the SF90 Stradale, and we’re still pouring through the details at a Formula 1-rate of speed. However, though you can read the entire skinny on Maranello’s second-generation hybrid supercar here, we thought we’d give you a more itemized taste of what’s to come from this 986 horsepower beast. Here are five of the most rad details about the SF90. 


5.) The SF90 Stradale’s Name Isn’t the Greatest, but It’s for Good Reason

The SF90 Stradale name represents a combination of the brand celebrating its 90th anniversary of opening its factory doors and Scuderia Ferrari, which is just a little less egotistical than the Ferrari The Ferrari. The Prancing Horse's SF90 Stradale, like Ferrari’s current F1 car’s name, is used to invoke that special anniversary. 


4.) The SF90 Stradale’s Engine is Derived from Ferrari’s F1 Car...Partially

Powered by a hybridized version of Ferrari’s 3.9-liter V8, the SF90 Stradale uses a similar version of Ferrari’s Formula 1 Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic (MGU-K) system that controls the supercar’s electric motors. Two of these motors are attached to the front axle, the third is on the 3.9-liter V8 at the back. The MGU-K allows them to work in conjunction and disperse the drivetrain’s eye-watering 986 horsepower evenly, or in the case of the SF90’s Qualify Mode, a righteous and explosive extra bit of oomph that’ll have owner’s eyes pressed into the back of their skulls. 


3.) Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale is the first AWD Ferrari Supercar

Though there have been other all-wheel-drive Ferraris in the past—i.e. the GTC4Lusso and FF—the SF90 Stradale is the first true all-wheel-drive Ferrari supercar. While the rear is powered by the hybrid 3.9-liter V8, the front axle is all-electric. Ferrari states that while the rear motor can put down 769 horsepower, the front axle alone will deliver another 216 horsepower. This hybrid-electric combination layout lets the SF90 Stradale skip to 62 mph in just 2.5 seconds and 124 mph in 6.7 seconds. Ferrari’s hybrid system is also the first Ferrari to offer an all-electric driving mode. 


2.)  The SF90 Stradale’s Steering Wheel is Xbox-like With Haptic Feedback

According to Ferrari, the SF90 Stradale’s steering wheel, “completes that transfer process from the competition world and also ushers in a new era by introducing a series of touch commands that allow the driver to control virtually every aspect of the car without ever taking their hands off the wheel.” Everything is controllable with “just your thumbs” and sends haptic feedback to your fingertips like an Xbox controller. Dope. 


1.) It’s Isn’t Ferrari’s LaFerrari Successor

Here’s the biggest reveal of Ferrari’s release. Buried in the release Ferrari says this car slots between the new F8 Tributo and the hybrid hypercar LaFerrari, stating, “The SF90 Stradale slots in between the mid-rear-engined coupés, today represented by the F8 Tributo, and supercars of the likes of LaFerrari.” While Ferrari hasn’t confirmed an upcoming LaFerrari successor, this certainly seems like it’s in the works. 

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