Ferrari Vows to Keep the V12 Engine Alive as Long as It Possibly Can

“The challenges (in regards to emissions) are getting more and more complicated, but we will fight for it,” said Ferrari’s technology chief.

byJerry Perez|
Ferrari News photo

With ever-increasing emission restrictions being put in place by environmental agencies around the world, automakers have had to adapt their product strategies in order to comply with new laws and enjoy trouble-free operations. One automaker currently trying to remain true to its values while satisfying all requirements is Ferrari, who recently promised to fight for the future of its iconic V12 engine.

The Drive was present at the introduction of Maranello's newest V12-powered convertible supercar, the 790-horsepower 812 GTS, where Ferrari Chief Technology Officer Michael Hugo Leiters claimed the famed automaker was doing everything it can to keep the V12 alive.

"The [emmission] challenges are always getting more and more complicated, but we will fight for it," said Leiters.

Jerry Perez

The Ferrari executive, along with Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Enrico Galliera and Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni, further added that while Ferrari customers understand tech and are aware of the amazing performance electric cars offer—they are first and foremost—"coming to Maranello for performance and emotion."

"The 812 we unveiled today is the ultimate expression of the Ferrari V12, and we have good ideas on how to keep the V12 around, so we will try as long as we can to keep it," added Leiters.

The Q&A session held at the automaker's Universo Ferrari (Italian for Ferrari Universe), a new showroom facility built next to its Fiorano test track, revealed that the new Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider and 812 GTS represent the third and fourth cars in the brand's promise to reveal five cars by 2020. The fifth and final model is confirmed to be the long-awaited Ferrari Purosangue SUV, which despite being the subject of many questions directed at the panel, no new information was revealed.