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Built Ram Off-Roader Recovers Stuck Semi-Truck By Crawling Over Trailer

The hardest part was over by the time they hooked up the chains.
Dodge Ram Projects via YouTube

Some people will say that lifted trucks are pointless, and in response, I’ll show them this video. Sure, some are built just for show, but this Ram 2500 from Australia is about as flexy as they come with big tires and long-travel suspension. Those mods came in handy when the driver stumbled upon a stuck semi-truck on a curvy, hilly road, and there was no way around it but going up and over the trailer to complete the recovery.

The semi-truck had swung wide, pulling over as far as possible with the trailer up against a small rockface. Rather than finding an alternate route, they decided to flip the ramps down on the trailer so the Ram could straddle the gap. It does so in mighty fine fashion, barely bashing the right bedside and rocker panels.

A stock truck couldn’t have made it. No way. There’s some serious articulation going on with the right rear tire crammed inside the wheel well, and there’s a lot of coil spring showing at the front. This truck is clearly built for it—the owner’s IG shows a sweet King suspension setup with some truly monstrous coilovers. The cage in the bed seems to have been masterfully fabbed as well, making it clear that this isn’t some budget build.

Once he’d made it around, they hooked a short strap to the tractor-trailer and locked the pickup in four-wheel drive. Not only was the Cummins diesel-powered Ram able to maneuver through the manmade obstacle, but it was even powerful enough to pull the semi up the hill. That’s the perk of all that torque.

The video has been shared around American pages for the past week or so, but the recovery itself took place about a year ago. It’s only been viewed 478 times on YouTube at the time of publishing, though it’s attracted thousands of likes across Instagram on various Reels. If bro-dozers failing is more your speed, there are plenty of videos showing that, too. For once, it’s nice to see such a rig being used to its full potential.

And it’s not even in the States!

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