Bugatti is Selling $60 Espresso Shots to Suckers

And no, you don't get to keep the cup.
The Ettore Shot at Ettore's Espresso Bar in London

I’m not going to go full “class warfare” here. But I’m going to say is if you can drop $60 on a single shot of Bugatti espresso, you forfeit your grounds to lecture anyone on financial responsibility. (Pun intended.)

That’s not a typo. That’s the approximate price ($59.80, sue me) of The Ettore Shot at Ettore’s Espresso Bar in Mayfair—the London neighborhood that’s among the world’s most expensive. Located inside the Bugatti showroom of exotic dealer H.R. Owen, it’s touted as the “most exclusive coffee spot in London,” despite apparently no longer being an invitation-only venue. Not that exclusivity is any indicator of quality, mind you.

The Ettore Shot isn’t described as anything special by H.R. Owen, which you’d at least expect to be serving up kopi luwak at that price. The dealer’s only justification is pouring it in a carbon fiber mug, which according to Drive, you don’t even get to keep. To be fair, the price includes access to the Bugatti lounge and showroom, which nets you a close-up view of a Chiron and a lecture on the company’s history. (Note that you can get the same spiel for free by commenting “the Chiron is boring” on any social media platform.)

As dollars-to-fun ratios go, it’s rivaled only by a visit to Monaco and absolutely dwarfed by those little squares of paper hippies sell. Yes, I know a good time isn’t the point; the drink is as much a means test for showroom entry as it is bait for conspicuous consumers. You won’t catch me checking hashtags to see if it’s working because I’d rather not know.

It’s not all a waste of money, though, as the espresso bar also serves other coffee drinks at relatively normal prices. £4 (or $4.78) can reportedly get you a cappuccino, espresso, flat white, latte, macchiato, or that awful substitute for drip coffee Europeans call Americano. Buying any of them will still get retirees chiding you on your financial decisions, but it’s not like one coffee—or even a thousand—makes a difference to whether you’ll ever afford a home. Not unless you’re dropping $60 a shot, in which case you’re probably the reason why there’s a housing crisis in the first place.

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