The New Bugatti Baby II Mini Car Dares You to Doubt a $71K Go-Kart Is Worth It

Just in time for the holiday season, having Bugatti-owning parents just got a little sweeter.

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Much like how Black Friday and its associated materialism is perversely saddled right next to Thanksgiving, Bugatti has chosen this week to let Americans know that its deeply unnecessary and expensive Baby II electric mini-car is now available on our side of the pond, just in time for the holiday season. Because nothing says "I'm happy with what I have" like an overgrown, $70,000 Power Wheels. 

Made in collaboration with The Little Car Company, the Bugatti Baby II—as its name suggests—is a follow-up to the original 1926 Baby, an electric half-scale replica of the old Type 35 made by company founder Ettore Bugatti after his four-year-old son asked him for a car. Now, you can emulate the French luxury car company founder yourself by gifting the new Baby... to your own babies.

Just 500 copies of the Baby II will ever be made and while Bugatti says most have already been spoken for, a "small amount" of build slots remain available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 


Made as a 75-percent scale replica of the Type 35, the Baby II will be available in three trims: a composite-bodied base model that'll cost $36,600, a Vitesse that stickers for $53,000, and finally, a Pur Sang version featuring handmade aluminum bodywork that'll run you a vast $71,400. The base model only comes in French Racing Blue with black leather while the Vitesse and Pur Sang can be painted in a selection of liveries that honor the company's historic racers or in a color that mimics a hue available on the Chiron

Despite the old-school appearance and "authentic Type 35 handling," the tech powering the Baby II is anything but antique. Using an electric rear-wheel-drive platform, the mini-car features regenerative braking and adjustable dampers. While the base Baby II boasts a range of 15 miles and a top speed of 30 mph, the Vitesse and Pur Sang versions will travel 31 miles on a charge and top out at 42 mph. 

"Once purchased, Bugatti Baby II owners receive automatic membership to the prestigious Bugatti Owner’s Club and The Little Car Club, both offering the chance to drive their Bugatti Baby II on some of the world’s most celebrated racing circuits," reads the company's press release.

Alas, here are some more pictures of the Bugatti Baby II hanging out at Willow Springs.

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