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Bugatti Veyron Crash in the Andes Mountains Looks Oddly Beautiful, Really Expensive

Just about the most scenic (and inconvenient) place in the world to crash a $3 million hypercar.

Ask anyone who’s been on the car internet over the last decade what the most famous crash involving a Bugatti Veyron is, and there’s usually one answer: Pretty sure that’s a Lambo, dude. But these pictures from the Bugatti Grand Tour in South America of a crumpled Veyron high in the Andes Mountains are the real thing—and are at once surreal and oddly beautiful to behold.

10 Veyrons, a handful of Chirons, and their owners set out over the weekend from Santiago, Chile for a drive to Pantagonia through the Andes Mountains organized by Bugatti. It’s one of the most stunning and remote regions in the world, so it must have been a huge damper on the fun when one of the participants overcooked it on a tight corner and launched his $2.7-million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse down a rock-strewn embankment. Photos of the wreck were posted to Instagram by Rodrigo Muñoz, another driver on the trip.

The owner was uninjured, though the same can’t be said for either his pride or the poor Veyron. Pictures show both the front and rear bumpers have been destroyed, along with the tailpipes, and you can bet there’s probably $100,000 in hidden damage at minimum all along the underbody. 

A video showing the French hypercar being winched onto a flatbed shows the wheels still turn, so the owner can take solace in that at least.

The Bugatti Grand Tour is scheduled to wrap up on Sunday, October 22 at the Hotel Alto Atacama in Chile. That means the rest of the owners have four days left to top this surreal sight with a crash of their own.